How do I work on multiple projects simultaneously without losing my mind

TMUX with functions, api and database windows setup
  1. The way to create sessions and windows was using its command line program called tmux . For example, to create a new window, you had to run tmux new-window -c /home/mojo/jojo -n database -t project:1 , to split a window into panes, you had to run tmux split-window -c /home/mojo/jojo... . You get the idea. It was pretty verbose and imperative.
  2. I had to remember all those commands every time I restart my laptop or kill the Tmux server.
  3. When your project is relatively complex, you had to run 30/40 of these commands and hope you didn’t mess up. Imagine doing this for 4 to 5 projects. It quickly gets unmanageable.
  1. A new session named mojo. This could be name of the project you are working on.
  2. Two windows named w1 and w2. In real world, this could be API, database, frontend, etc.
  3. Window ‘w1’ with two panes whose current working directory is set to /home/robus and each pane execute echo command. As you can imagine, your command could source venv/bin/activate , yarn start , kubectl config set-context --current --namespace=admin , etc.
  4. Window ‘w2’ with three panes.
Screenshot of tmux session created using sample configuration
> mx up
> mx down --session mojo
  1. Neovim editor for Lamda functions repository.
  2. Terminal where I run Serverless commands.
  3. Neovim editor with python’s flask source code.
  4. Virtual environment activated terminal session.
  5. Postman instance.
  6. Beekeeper instance as GUI SQL client.
  7. VPN connection.
  8. SSH into Bastion host.
  9. Running ‘alias’ command inside in bastion host.
  10. Access to auth0 dashboard, Jira and Aws console.
  11. blah blah …




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