TLDR: Configuration management is hard. Fix it before digging a deeper hole.

Below is the sample .env file that looks pretty standard and innocent. This does not necessarily map to a real-world configuration where you could expect this file to contain way more environment variables.This …

When you work for a company that has multiple projects running at the same time and your job is to constantly context switch between projects, it becomes nearly impossible to wrap your head around given the project and problem at hand to work on.

Sometimes I am writing K8s ingress…

Motivation: Ever wondered “What if NODEJS non blocking I/O could be somehow ported to python?”

Handling millions of long running tcp connections would require threads or processes pool in python. Below is the snippets for handling concurrent tcp connections using Thread Pool.

Concurrent TCP echo server using Thread Pool


F.Y.I: This article assumes you have idea about property decorator in python.

class Math:
def tao(self):
# way you use it is
math = Math()
# access the property
tao = math.tao

property decorator are cool in a sense that it turns your function call into intuitive property…

Disclaimer: This article assumes you know idea of decorators in python.

Python has always been this awesome language where you have first class support for decorator. Decorator allows you to write modular, compositional and loosely coupled code. It is O of “SOLID Principle” i.e. …

When I was first introduced to lazy evaluation in Haskell, I was sold by the idea of working with infinite series. Here is the simple program that creates an infinite series of integers and outputs only first ten digits.

-- |It creates a list of integers from 1 to infinity

As I was stumbling on the new features added on python 3.7, newly added module caught my eye which is known as “dataclasses”. This module exposes a class decorator called “dataclass” which wraps around the class definition and it smells very similar to “collections.namedtuple”. At a glance it looked like…

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